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Crowdsourcing Software for Academic Initiatives?

When it is about achieving success in highly competitive market scenario an organized idea management system and crowdsourcing initiatives works wonders. Any creative idea or thought, when managed and implemented well results into positive development and in most cases increase in productivity and revenues. Along with the FMCG, Manufacturing, Aviation, Pharmacy and other industry verticals today, the academic sector too is gradually realizing the importance of idea management and crowd sourcing techniques.

Integrated idea management and educational sectors go hand in hand, as both work towards setting up a culture of knowledge sharing. Well known brands in the academic and education sectors have been organizing open innovation competitions, events and making use of various type of innovation products to solve educational concerns and also to bring forward a positive influence in the society. In order to find solution to educational concerns witnessed by teachers and students the NEA i.e the National Education Association and US department of Education started and open innovation contest to come up with useful solutions for the same. This contest was known as “Challenge to Innovate”, that offered a platform to several US academician to participate and submit their ideas to improve the present state of education.

The competition came to a conclusion that there are immense scopes to change the traditional teacher broadcast model to one where students are more involved in the learning process.

That is not all, leading IT brand Microsoft has been consistently working in order to promote education through innovative ideas. For the brand, nothing holds more significance than imparting education amidst the youth. Microsoft organized ” Partners in Learning Programme” that is connected with the local schools, communities and government on the practices and initiatives that assist teachers to make better use of technology and better education to children.Through this process Microsoft has been able to help approximately 8 million teachers and more than 185 million students.

Open Innovation in education domain is not simply limited to brands remotely taking advanced initiatives to benefit the society. Recently well known academic companies and other market players have made the most of idea management tactics and even the crowdsourcing softwares. This has helped encourage the industry influencers and other people to share their opinion and take part in the discussions. Primarily it has helped to create and environment of collective intelligence along with creative brainstorming.
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