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Cultivate a Culture of Innovation with Idea Management Solution

“The arrogance of Success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow” – William Polard.

Innovation is a cyclic process and therefore enterprises need to keep on reinventing themselves in order to stay ahead in competition. For the customers ,what matters is the kind of innovative services and solutions provided today and therefore it would be sheer arrogance if enterprises consider that what they did yesterday would be sufficient for tomorrow.

One of the important advantages of cultivating a culture of innovation is that enterprises essentially move into an area of least competition. This assures customer loyalty and continued business. However, to continuously come up with innovative thoughts and ideas ,depending upon few select experts is just not enough. For innovation to flow there is the need to :

  • Give freedom to the people whose daily grind involves working closely with the products that ends up in the market, thereby empowering and inspiring them.
  • Involve more people during the storyboarding process -Clients, Product Engineers, analyst, stakeholders from various product development phases.
  • Set up an efficient feedback system where end users issues can be heard and addressed.
  • Encourage healthy expression of suggestions where all stakeholders can put forward and resolve their concerns and contribute towards solving problems
  • Invite all questions to avoid confusion and better the understanding of the process being used for product development, to ensure that there is no gap between expectation and delivery

It is only when enterprises tap into the potential of the people who actually work closely with the product that can make it stay cutting edge and relevant to the customer expectation. One of the best means to ensure the continuous inflow of innovative ideas is to deploy an idea management solution.

Welcome to the idea management solution that offers a complete set of features for managing, screening and implementing viable ideas. With its customizable features, enterprises can screen the most viable and effective ideas fairly quickly and easily. They can also set up ways to filter and flag the best ideas for future reference. Its sharepoint idea management service offerings enables the solution to scale up or scale out to several tens of thousand of users. The solution modules can be deployed on one server and/or across multiple servers to attain the required scale. Solution leverages RIA technologies ,data caching and pre processing techniques to attain responsiveness and required performance.

Thus, in this competitive business environment deploying an effective idea management solution can help enterprises to make their products continue to be in demand and thereby stay ahead in the competition.

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