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Embark on a real Change with Idea Management Software!

Embark on a real Change with Idea Management Software!

When was the last time you innovated anything in your organization? With the growth in complexity in the market there is speculated need of the Innovation.

Idea Management is a new buzz of town. Well, it is a cumulative way of expressing a desire to change in the organization whether its a product or some service. These days, every other organization is coming up with new Innovative Ideas to freeze the evading competition. With IdeaComb, Idea Management Software, all the employees come under one roof and discuss any issue in collaborative way. These employees can be from different teams that are; they have a myopic vision and come altogether to solve a common issue.

This process involves expressing the individual creativity to cross-silo teams and join hand in hand in developing it. Many companies don’t have the policy to disclose the project credentials to other teams, so it becomes must for them to leverage the potential of other employees by compensating them with not just financial recompense. It is must to build a level of trust between different groups when this Innovative Idea Generation process is at its pace.

This Collective process involves Idea Category Feature, where loosely focused groups are aligned to a common goal. Here people submit their ideas, discuss and then the idea that has maximum popularity is filtered out.

IdeaComb has idea Centric Collaboration tool where people across the teams come together solve a common issue with this not an effective solution is got but Innovative and pragmatic ideas can be received for some simple problem.

The Social Networking Feature engages all the employees, vendors and even customers to submit an innovative idea or suggestion. There is other Idea Creation Tool where different media types like pictures, videos or even graphics can be used to collect the idea documentation from the people.

Screening process is done by putting some man hours to develop it. Then Idea evaluation requests are sent to the committee members to ask which Idea needs to be acted upon. Now for free flow it is must to keep people informed about the changes and the progress of the formation of ideas.

The most efficient contributor is rewarded and this will increase the morale of the employees. Filtering the same set of ideas is must else there will just keep wasting your valuable time.

Once the Idea is fixed for Innovation, you have won over the employees and they will take step along with the guiding team for overall change in the organization.

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