Inclusive Business Transformation engaging employees in the innovation cycle...


Features of Ideacomb

  • Implement an idea capturing platform for collecting ideas from internal and external sources
  • Involve customers, partners and others in the product development process
  • Foster innovation culture
  • Enable Idea Pipeline Management
  • Measure Key Metrics for ‘Open Innovation’ initiative
  • Generate enthusiasm in employees towards driving the solution

Unique System Features

Ideacomb can be easily customized to suit your particular need and requirements. Check out the services that we offer for our clients.
Identify similar ideas
Identify similar ideas to avoid duplication this saves time and effort.
Mobile Integration
Feel free to connect and contribute to Ideacomb via your mobile device. An idea can strike you anywhere!
Reports generation
Generate reports highlighting various activities on the portal. You can choose to view reports on the basis of stages, department, category, participation rate, response to campaigns, and turnaround times among others possible reports. Usually, only members of the reviewing committee will be able to see these reports.
Ideas can be searched by putting in the keywords in the Search field. The Ideas are searched based on the content and the tags attached to them. The Search Results are displayed in the Showcase view.
LOB Integration
Ideacomb Innovation platform can be applied to any line of business which has certain process, products or services so to as improves overall efficiency and Processes with an eye on growth.

Effort Building

Encourage participation
When people are appreciated for their contribution, they feel a sense of belonging and end up becoming better and frequent contributors. These people will also be most likely to see their ideas through and will participate actively in the implementation process. They will, therefore, choose to stay with the organization that values and appreciates them. With Ideacomb, you can retain your talent pool by giving them a platform where they get something more than just monetary compensation. Your people would have accumulated some or the other form of knowledge during their professional lives. The crowdsourcing features available within Ideacomb enable you to leverage the collective wisdom of these people. When these packets of individual knowledge are combined, and given a common platform for expression and brainstorming, results can be astounding at best.
Social Networking features
Why must people working in the same organization wait for a team activity to socialize with each other? And why leave out the vendors, customers and other external stakeholders? Bring everyone together with Ideacomb’s Social Networking features and leverage their expertise, address their pain points and see if you cannot capture few ideas to better your processes/products.
Rewards management
All contributors receive points on the basis of their quality as well as frequency of contribution. You can easily determine the most effective contributor for a project or time period.
Build communities
It is an open secret that there are teams within teams and groups within departments. To align everyone to a common goal, say, to become the leader in the market, you need to ensure that people feel that they belong. This is achieved through building focused as well as loosely structured communities using Ideacomb’s Idea Category feature. It can help drive virtual communities with common interest areas where ideas can be submitted, discussed and commented upon and eventually filtered through on the basis of maximum popularity and/or viability.
Collaborative environment
Often, when teams are working on achieving the goals set by their managers, their perspective become myopic. They are no longer able to see the bigger picture and get stuck in getting the task of their table as soon as possible. A sense of ownership is missing. But when people from across teams come together to tackle a common problem, not only better results are achieved, but better teamwork takes place. Use Ideacomb as an idea centric collaboration tool to announce a new solution, ask help on an issue or even to praise team members.
Multi Location User Engagement
Ideacomb allows to have users from multiple locations to access the system and be informed about organization latest idea initiatives and discussion bringing collective working.

Great Ux

Ease of Idea Capture
The idea capture tool is fairly easy-to-understand and simple-to-use. You can create an idea using several media types. The idea can be described as a text, sketch, audio or video. You can choose to leave documenting an idea mid-way and come back to it later. You can also lock your idea against editing.
Auto filtration
You can set filters to ensure that no objectionable content finds its way on the portal.
Formal and informal workflow
After screening an idea and deciding to put in some man hours to develop it, you can choose to set up either formal or informal workflow that will work in the background to send review requests to review committee members requesting action on particular idea.Point system for rewards management: All contributors receive points on the basis of their quality as well as frequency of contribution. You can easily determine the most effective contributor for a project or time period.
Dashboard Analytics
Ideacomb dashboard has rich analytical features which displays idea statistics, top contributors, latest and popular campaigns as well as most popular ideas.
Capture Employee Interest
Ideacomb has social features like comments, like included which keeps employees engaged on the platform and encourage participation.
Customized Workflow
Ideacomb allows administrators to add and customize specific workflows as per their needs and procedures thus making process of idea submission, review and approval easier.