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Idea Management for A Government Agency

Government-Agency A Government agency has the toughest job in the world – working for the People. Many a times, Government agencies come under fire for being slow and inefficient, especially when parallels are drawn with the private sector. Therefore, cross-department collaboration becomes essential, though it is not easily achievable. As a Government agency or a public organization, you need to:
  • Keep track of the various initiative undertaken by different departments which may include, but is not limited to, these desirables:
    • Avoiding duplication of effort
    • Encouraging and leveraging cross-department expertise and/or resource
    • Avoiding waste of funds, resources, time etc
  • Keep the public and stakeholders informed of the status of any initiative
  • Monitor vendors and stakeholders via reports, meetings, announcements etc.
  • Highlight neglected issues and mobilizing support from the people regarding social issues such public safety, local resource distribution, traffic regulation initiatives
  • Provide a transparent platform for announcing initiatives and flagging grievances, where
The Need to Be Transparent and Interactive is Essential Today Major challenges that emerge for Government or any Public agency that deal with the people are:
  • Lack of transparency in activities undertaken by its departments or staff members (thereby giving the impression of being slow and inefficient)
  • Duplication of effort
  • Wastage of funds and resources in keeping record of various steps undertaken by each department/staff members
These challenges can turn into achievements when people and departments are able to collaborate along with the people and external agencies. With a little innovation and more idea collaboration solution, you can find viable solutions to all these challenges through various channels, maybe even via the one that highlighted the issue in the first place! What an Idea Management Tool Can Do For You An idea management tool can give you the right platform where you can bring all concerned parties together and encourage them to collectively look for a solution that is acceptable to all. You can easily turn an ideation platform into a crowdsourcing tool, allowing you to get better transparency, viable solutions and faster updates. When you increase your interaction with the people and among your staff members across departments, you get access to a collective pool of smart brains which may give you insight into dealing with various pain points or simply improving time-consuming processes.