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Ideas and Technologies should run Businesses.

In current volatile and ever changing market all enterprises need to innovate and move ahead of their competitors. Now the critical questions is how.

Either you look at
  • Your Competitors
  • Consultants
  • Research Reports
  • Your Own Insights
All these are useful and give valuable information about improving your business but the challenge is of doing analysis periodically and gain logical throughput to bring necessary changes.

How often and for how long can organizations do this and in unstructured fashion?

Most of the enterprise starts up with this objective to maintain process but in log run, unstructured industry practices bring a halt to the same or dilute it, seeping an inefficient system and processes.

This is where idea management steps in. Companies cannot get a better resources pool than those of its own employees, customers who are the backbone of any organization.

How Employees Contribute to Idea Management: Coming from various working backgrounds, cultures, educational qualification its certain that perspective of looking at the process and practices are bound to be different from employees, be it product development process, customer interaction or commercial transaction procedures. Employees are the first line of people who interact and filter information based on their judgment. In lack of documentations and reviews, these critical information gets lost, resulting in lack of process improvement. Need of the hour is that certain process needs to be present within the organization to capture these suggestions and quicker, beneficial working procedure aspects. Analytics can later draw inferences from these suggestion and amalgamate an idea which can bring much needed efficient process bringing much desired cost saving or revenue generation.

How Customers Contribute to Idea Management:

Customers are the end recipients of any product or service and it’s for them any product is designed, developed or manufactured. The whole purpose of any enterprise is to create products and solutions which are customer’s delight with an eye on revenue and market share. This is the essence of any business. Organizations today are finding it difficult to make a customer return for its products and services.

What could be the reason for it?

The answer lies in “Customer Feedback”- We ,most of the time fail to hear what end users have to say.

May be because there is no system in place for such feedback or its so cumbersome for customers that it just doesn’t work.

An omnipresent example could be the feedback system we can find on any product is that” If you are not satisfied with this product please email on…with the product code. How does that sound for posting a customer feedback? Who In the world has the time to go through a process like that to give his/her input towards a product.

Result: Customer loses interest and company, the all valuable feedback and process Improvement and innovation take a back seat.

Idea Management combined with Enterprise mobility can overcome these challenges and harness the hidden insights which could work wonders for companies looking to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

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