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Manufacturing Company

Idea management for A Manufacturing Company

Idea-management-for-A-Manufacturing-Company The manufacturing industry is constantly dealing with and offering new products. The need to be flexible and adaptable is foremost, but is also just as difficult to achieve. Any new process, use of new material and equipment is not that easy to implement owing to the large ecosystem and huge number and size of equipments. The pressure to invest in new technologies and equipments is not the only challenge faced by the manufacturing company. Some pressing concerns of the manufacturing company:
  • Obtain and retain the market share
  • Pressure to keep up with ever increasing range of new products
  • Keeping production costs in check by improving processes
  • Acquiring raw materials at competitive prices
  • Respond promptly and in a cost effective manner to customer demand
  • Keep the workforce happy by offering them better work conditions to keep the quality of their output consistent

Why there is a constant need for Innovation Management Software

Why-there-is-a-constant-need-for-Innovation-Management-Software Even though most companies understand the need to innovate, they are usually unable to take the necessary steps to foster a culture of innovation among the workforce. The reasons for this lack of follow through are sometimes obvious, such as:
  • Constant pressure of reducing overheads and time-to-market
  • Reluctance to undertake time-consuming and at times expensive experiments with product
  • Non-existent culture of innovation
  • Strict hierarchies
  • Insufficient resources
But more often than not, the reasons are not-so-obvious:
  • Lack of communication between the marketing and research departments
  • Unavailability of a common platform to voice concerns or suggestions
  • Inconsideration of the customer/end user’s feedback, or no feedback channels put in place
  • Resources not putting in their best due to issues related to working conditions
Therefore, when you introduce innovation in technologies and invite collaboration across departments, a lot of these challenges can be easily addressed. How to Manage Innovation You need to address issues like people management, competitive pricing, and introduction of new products if you wish to stay relevant in today’s market. Instead of establishing compromises, we need to encourage idea collaboration solution. To do this, you need to:
  • Create opportunities to introduce and improve innovation initiatives
  • Monitor the collaboration processes and develop suitable metrics to measure performance and involvement
  • Increase involvement of stakeholders in the innovation process
  • Look at suppliers as your strategic partners
  • Involve the customers as early as possible in the innovation process to get their valuable feedback before your product reaches the market

We can assist you, with our Idea management Solution

We-can-assist-you-with-our-Idea-management-Solution We can help you achieve all of the above by offering you a platform to launch, monitor, manage and screen innovations and ideas. You can have your entire ecosystem involved in the production process and ensure that a superior and viable product reaches the market. This is easily achievable with Ideacomb’s customizable features. You can screen the most viable and effective ideas easily and mark them for future reference.