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Optimize Kaizen implementation by employing Idea Management Solution

Implementation of Kaizen has created great success stories amongst organizations globally. Kaizen refers to the philosophy of continuous improvement every day, by everybody and everywhere.

Few features of Kaizen are worth mentioning.
  • Focuses is on process improvements rather than reaching specified results targets
  • Kaizen needs self discipline and commitment (new projects on continual basis)
  • Focused on continuously churning out small ideas
  • Active involvement of Management, Managers and Shop floor teams
Bottom of the pyramid employees play a major role in providing ideas/ suggestions. Managers of respective departments carry out process improvement campaigns and ask employees for suggestions. The employees adhere to the request and start submitting their ideas. It is observed that the ideas are collected and submitted to the managers and then the managers submit the ideas to management or Kaizen committee for evaluation, all this is a manual process.

In this manual process the employee who has provided an idea/ suggestion has no visibility on “What happened to their ideas/ suggestions”? What stage is it in? Does the reviewer need more details on thought process? Why was my idea rejected?

To overcome this challenge it becomes imperative for companies to implement an Idea Management Solutions. This solution becomes a platform for managers to run campaigns specific to business problem or process improvements and collect ideas from employees. This platform helps empower employees to express themselves, collaborate with co-workers to improvise the idea/ suggestion, have optimum visibility on what stage is a particular idea / suggestion. This helps build high morale amongst employees and motivate them to proactively participate for submitting more ideas/ suggestions.
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